Philosophy & Values

"Our mission is to produce products of the highest quality at competitive prices, thereby assuring the success and longevity of our operation."


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Achieving this objective is a true measure of how well we do our jobs.  With this common goal, AFSI challenges each employee to be an active participant to secure our continued collective prosperity.

AFSI recognizes our team as many individuals with unique interests, abilities, needs, and ideals.  Therefore, we provide a work environment that celebrates this individuality by providing meaningful opportunities for personal development consistent with ability and desire.

In keeping with this philosophy, AFSI selects and promotes team members based on their skills, abilities, and desire to work harmoniously with other individuals.  Additionally, we provide compensation and benefit programs that are competitive within our industry and community.

An atmosphere of open and honest communication is imperative to success, whether individually or corporately.  As a company, we strive to share information and create safe environments for new ideas, comments, suggestions, and concerns.  This ensures that problems are solved quickly and fairly.

Each team member deserves to be addressed directly as an individual with the right to speak for themself.  Our philosophy and method of operation affords each employee that opportunity and as a result of this conviction, the mutual goals of AFSI and our team members can be realized.



Core Values


While our standards of production compete in global markets, AFSI equally realizes the importance of safety, commitment, integrity, and respect.
These values are reflected in all we do from our products, to our people, and to our communities.


Safety always comes first, no exceptions. AFSI is committed to the well-being and safety of our workforce and communities.  As a result, we consistently evaluate our processes and procedures to eliminate environmental hazards. 

Parts of these efforts involve offering on-site training in compliance with OSHA standards and being proud recipients of five OSHA awards for worker safety procedures.


Commitment is the backbone of AFSI and reflected in all that we do. Demonstrated through the continuous improvement of our products, services, and procedures, we will never stop striving to be the best. Only with commitment can we guarantee full satisfaction of our employees and customers. 


Integrity is always doing the right thing, regardless of circumstance or audience as well as accepting responsibility for one’s actions.  AFSI is proud of an outstanding reputation of integrity that has spanned nearly three decades. 


We are a team made up of many diverse individuals, ideas, and backgrounds.  To honor these values, we support and encourage unique contributions and maintain an atmosphere of respect for others.

 Download the AFSI Code of Conduct for more information.