The Company

Established in 1986, Advanced Filtration Systems Inc. (AFSI) began as a joint venture of Caterpillar Inc. and Donaldson Company, Inc. This venture paired Donaldson’s manufacturing knowledge with Caterpillar’s customer service and industry expertise to form a company that would both reinvent and exceed filtration standards.

Out of this partnership, AFSI emerged as a state-of-the-art liquid filtration program specializing in lube, fuel, and hydraulic applications used in Caterpillar machinery worldwide. These state-of-the-art filters are utilized in oil filtration, water separation, and both engine and hydraulic systems. We proudly stand behind a line of products that are respected worldwide for exceeding high quality and functionality standards even under heavy-duty applications and difficult conditions.

Demand rapidly grew to exceed the capabilities of the original US facility. As a result, in 2007 AFSI expanded, establishing a European branch in the Czech Republic. Within two years of breaking ground, this new plant was serving the needs of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, producing over a half million filters each month.

Industry Leaders

Cutting edge technologies, including computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) techniques are utilized to produce the highest quality filters focused on individual component longevity.

AFSI’s highly automated production techniques enable our facilities to manufacture filters of the finest quality, while keeping prices competitive. Our facilities lead the world in efficiency, innovation, and safety, so much so that Industry Weekly named the US facility as a Top 10 American Plant.

Even more remarkably, AFSI has maintained our commitment to the environment, twice achieving the coveted Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention. Among many other awards, Caterpillar has recognized AFSI as a certified supplier of quality and material filters since 1993.

Our Commitment

Leading a global industry requires more than just having a great product. While our standards of production compete on global markets, AFSI equally realizes the importance of safety, commitment, integrity, and respect. These values are reflected in all we do from our products to our people, and to our communities.

AFSI has been recognized for our exemplary efforts in creating a progressive workplace, focused on quality, safety, and integrity. Employees enjoy a professional environment where they are treated and known as individuals and provided with the tools necessary for success.

Diversity is paramount, as the future of AFSI depends on the backgrounds, ideas, and experiences of its team members to generate innovative filtration solutions and create new business opportunities for the future.